пятница, 27 декабря 2013 г.

Top 10 of the most interesting games of E3 2012 and gadgets

The big news from E3 have fallen, our catalog of games for 2013 has arrived. It is now time for us to give you a little balance. Forward to the Top 10 of our favorite games and gadgets this 2012 edition of E3.

Murder suspends sales of Grand Theft Auto in Thailand

Following the murder of a taxi driver by a player wanting (according to him) recreate a scene from the game, a store chain suspends the sale of Grand Theft Auto in Thailand.

GTA 4 restarts the war between Xbox 360 and PS3

Game almost paid for one, special edition pack for the other, the output of Grand Theft Auto IV promises to be a great battle between the consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

GTA IV game arrives on PC

One of the top selling games for consoles, Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA IV for Insiders will be available in PC version from this fall. Arrival on November 21 in Europe.