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GTA IV game arrives on PC

One of the top selling games for consoles, Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA IV for Insiders will be available in PC version from this fall. Arrival on November 21 in Europe.

GTA IV arrives on PC
The rumored for weeks. His publisher, Rockstar Games, has confirmed the adaptation of GTA IV for PC. This version for Windows, launched on November 18 in North America, will be available on November 21 in France and throughout Europe.

Little change can be expected. Since according to Rockstar Games, the game should be "the same as the console version, but with a specially developed for PC multiplayer mode".

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Released in April for consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 , GTA IV itself as one of the biggest success in the video game industry but also one of the most controversial, as evidenced by its recent ban Thailand.

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