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GTA 4 restarts the war between Xbox 360 and PS3

Game almost paid for one, special edition pack for the other, the output of Grand Theft Auto IV promises to be a great battle between the consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

GTA 4 restarts the war between Xbox 360 and PS3

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There are highly anticipated by fans games. This is the case of the fourth installment of Grand Theft Auto. The release of this game from Rockstar laboratories, April 29 promises to be a new skirmish between the Xbox 360 and PS3 . GTA 4 is an opportunity for Microsoft and Sony to launch marketing campaigns to sell a few more consoles. At Microsoft, we refund 60 euros to buy the console and GTA IV. In the end, this is a game ten euros. An amount added to the price of the selected console. 199 euros for the Xbox 360 Arcade and 269 euros for the Premium version Sony has opted for a pack "special edition" Playstation 3 plus game to 440 euros. A saving of 30 euros compared to buying the PS3 and the game separately.

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